Deep Blue Daynight 65 T-100 Automatic

Would you freak out if someone offered you a radioactive watch? Perhaps you already know that some watch manufacturers use tritium illumination instead of something more common like Super-LumiNova, as it glows constantly, without any need for charging from an external light source. But despite being a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, tritium in watches is completely safe. Within a watch, tritium is found in glass tubes, completely encapsulated so it doesn’t emit radiation outside of it. But even in an unlikely case that the tubes somehow break, and the users come into contact with it, they won’t be harmed because tritium is a low-energy beta emitter.

Black and steel never fails

Phew, now that we got all the security info covered, let’s take a look at a watch that uses tritium. From Deep Blue comes the Daynight 65 T-100 Automatic timepiece, a 45 mm stainless steel watch that’s water resistant up to 300 meters. The number 65 in its name stands for the number of tritium tubes used on the watch, and their color varies depending on the particular version. There are three of those to choose from, with main difference being aesthetics: black, blue and silver dials are available. All feature the same wave decoration on them, and the colors themselves nicely complement the stainless steel of the rest of the watch. There are no numerals, except for those on the bezel.

Blue dial version

The 65 tritium tubes are mostly used in 2 vital places, indexes (63) and hands (3), with one additional being placed above the 12 o’clock position. The black dial version utilizes green and orange tubes, while the blue dial model uses matching color tubes with orange. Finally, the silver watch features an interesting combination of blue and yellow. This overwhelming choice of colors certainly promises good visibility, and apart from having a purely functional purpose, they visually enrich the watches as well.

Pretty neat.......and just a tiny bit lethal

Inside this timepiece is an automatic movement made by Seiko (caliber NH 35), beating at 21,600 vibrations per hour. The movement can be manually wound, and it features a hacking function. The power reserve is 42 hours, which should be quite enough. Additional feature of the movement is the date indicator, as seen on the lower right segment of the dial.

The Daynight 65 T-100 Automatic has a stainless steel metal bracelet consisting of numerous links, as well as divers’ wetsuit extension, a very handy feature. The bracelet also has a divers’ safety clasp, making it very appealing for everyone interested in extreme activities. The design of the whole bracelet is very much in accordance with the rest of the watch, and makes the timepiece look very rugged. The dial and the unidirectional rotating bezel break the steel monotony with their choice of colors, but overall keep everything simple enough.

The silver dial version, as seen at night

Finally, keep in mind that tritium has a limited time during which it glows fully. Over time, it loses its emitting power – some manufacturers claim that after 10 years or so, the tubes should be recharged with tritium, but that time frame can vary depending on the manufacturer. Sounds like a job for enthusiasts.


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