Even more precision from TAG Heuer – Mikrogirder 2000!

Some fierce competition going on at SIHH! We talked about cutting-edge chronographs with amazing accuracy some days ago. It seemed that Montblanc has taken the idea from TAG Heuer and succeeded in improving it, but now, we see TAG Heuer has not dropped the idea, but just the opposite. Here they are presenting us with a shocking new timepiece meant to be the milestone in the overall watch industry!

Further extending last year’s concept of a chronometer that will measure 1/1,000th of a second, TAG Heuer has taken a step further. What we are looking at here is a super-precise chronograph that will give you the elapsed time accurate to 1/2,000th of a second! And I thought 1/1000th of a second was over the top accurate!… Everything seems to be doubled in the new Mikrogirder – we are talking about 7,200,000 beats per hour and 20 laps of the central second hand per second! It seems like they have just taken last year’s Mikrotimer 1000 and multiplied it by two. Well, if only it could have been that easy.

TAG Heuer not only set a new standard when precision and number of oscillations are considered, but also when it comes to the movement design as well. The Mikrogirder uses two separate barrels for the chronograph and for the watch. Achieving great speed is further facilitated by the linear oscillator (the regular one vibrating at the angle of 320 degrees). All this is housed within a relatively ordinary looking watch. The case look was inspired by stop-watches, so the pushers and crown are placed on the top of the case. We have two sub dials on the dial. The one at the 12 o’clock position counts 90 minutes and each marker represents 3 seconds. The one at the 3 o’clock shows 1/10th of a second, times 3 seconds.

The face of the watch was kept clean but perhaps only connoisseurs would be able to grasp the complex mechanism that is housed within

The face of the watch was kept clean but perhaps only connoisseurs would be able to grasp the complex mechanism that is housed within

All things considered, the watch looks classy, and over the top precision and the sheer micro-engineering achievement are bound to attract some enthusiasts even if the features themselves are not the most practical ones. Even though this is still a concept watch its likely it will eventually go on the market with the price reaching 6 figures most likely.

A new video commercial was released for Mikrogirder 2000. The commercial illustrates how TAG Heuer worked on developing the idea of the Mikrotimer 1000 as the two watches are compared to a racing car and a rocket. The illustration is quite adequate I think, and I must say that looking at the seconds hand makes me feel a bit dizzy. How about you?

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  1. APacchino says:

    You can’t beat TAG Heuer when contemplating the pinnacle of watchmaking. Yes, the second hand is very dizzying! :)

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