Horological extravaganza by Chanel: the Mademoiselle Privé collection

If you asked someone not interested in fashion about Chanel, no doubt they’ll know a thing or two about the company. But what they might not know about is their involvement in watch-making, which has been going on for 25 years, a relatively short time considering the brand’s history. During that period, Chanel has made a lot of attractive and stylish timepieces, and one of the latest ones are a part of the Mademoiselle Privé collection. The watches feature abundance of gems on their dials, coupled with gorgeous looking dials.

Simple and attractive camellia decoration

First, let’s start with the black and white (well, not technically white) model that has a beautiful camellia motif on its dial, contrasting the black background. The flower is done in mother-of-pearl marquetry, and finally, the stylish dial is completed with 7 brilliant-cut diamonds. But that’s nothing compared to the case, which is set with 60 of them. Located on the bezel, the gems give this watch a certain luxurious charm. The case diameter measures 37.5 mm and is made of 18 carat white gold. Inside, there is a high-precision quartz movement with onyx cabochon crown. To complement the watch, Chanel decided to use a black satin strap with white gold ardillon buckle. The latter is set with 80 brilliant-cut diamonds, further emphasizing the style started at the case.

You’ll definitely feel like a star wearing the next Chanel watch. The same 37.5 mm case here features starry display on the dial completed with 19 brilliant-cut diamonds. Unlike the previous model, this one has numerals, though only three. The case features slightly fewer diamonds (60) but that certainly doesn’t lessen its appeal. The movement remains the same, as well as the satin strap, making the watch virtually identical to the previous (except for the dial, of course).

Pink never gets old

But if you want to escape the dual-colored world of the previous models, there are alternatives. For those who want more than the black-and-white luxury, there’s the Mademoiselle Privé Watch with Enchanted Feather decoration. Set with a whopping 496 diamonds and 244 pink sapphires, this watch means business! The case is made of 18 carat white gold, completed with a black alligator strap. Unlike the previous ones, this timepiece features a self-winding mechanical movement, which has a 42-hour power reserve. The dial is most likely to be the center of attention though; it features 18 carat white gold with black Grand Feu enamel with beautiful 18 carat white-gold feather motif sculpted in relief. The pink lacquer is applied to the tips of the feather, visually enriching the dial.

Finally, like the icing on the cake, comes the Mademoiselle Privé Watch with Coromandel decoration. 721 diamonds present an ultimate luxury statement, but the sheer number of these gems isn’t the only thing that’s going to attract buyers. The exceptionally stylish dial shows great attention to details with its colorful imagery done in Grand Feu enamel using the Geneva technique. The dimensions, again, are the same (37.5 mm) and so is the black alligator strap. On the back, one can see hand-engraved work done in the white gold of the case. The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters – not much, but sufficient for everyday use.

Where are the numerals? Who cares when you have a dial like this!

These are just some of the models from the Mademoiselle Privé collection, which feature something for everyone taste, one could say. The attention of details that went into each and every timepiece is truly admirable. Add the traditional Chanel appeal to it, and you have a recipe for success. Just bear in mind that diamonds don’t come cheap, so don’t be surprised by the price tag!

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