Introducing – the MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement

MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement 1

Independent Swiss watch brand MB&F is proud to announce its latest mechanical masterpeice – the Legacy Machine Split Escapement. The LM SE is the fifth model in the Legacy Machines collection, coming after the LM1, LM2, LM101, and LM Perpetual. Available at the authorized retailers, the latest MB&F watch comes in four limited editions of 18 pieces each. The Legacy Machine Split Escapement is priced at $79,000.

The signature detail of each Legacy Machine is the suspended balance wheel. For the latest timepiece, the engineers have redesigned this feature and raised it to a new level. The oscillating balance wheel has remained on the dial-side, but its impulse jewel, anchor and escape wheel have been moved to the other side of the movement, visible through the transparent caseback. Hence the name “Split Escapement”. This design calls for an unusually long balance arbor, 11.78mm to be precise. However, this also brings some issues that affect the stability of the entire balance construction. To address this, the engineers have fitted the balance arbor at both ends with anti-shock jewel bearings. Also, the bridge that holds the anchor and escape wheel is separately fixed for optimal fine adjustment. Because of the longer, and hence heavier, arbor, which can draw away the power transmitted to the oscillator, the movement is driven by two barrels.

MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement 2

The oscillating balance wheel is on the front, while the anchor and escape wheel are on the back of the movement


Another exceptional feature of the MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement is its mesmerizing dial. The dial, which is actually the movement’s top plate, features a frosted finish that is closely associated with the 18th and 19th century pocket watches. The material to be decorated is hand-worked with a wire brush creating indentations one small area at a time. With each brush, the wire must meet the metal with the same angle and pressure, and the indentations have to be evenly distributed over the entire surface. For this particular watch, the artisans used a wider and more diffuse frosted finish to accommodate the larger area and to draw attention to the hand-worked process. The surfaces were then PVD treated in one of the four colors.

MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement 3

The frosted finish is evocative of the pocket watches of the 18th and 19th century


The new MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement is available in four different versions: Blue frosted frosting and rhodium-plated movement, ruthenium frosting and movement, red gold frosting and movement, and yellow gold frosting and movement. Each version has a 44mm white gold case that is water resistant to 30 meters. The dial layout is the same on each version and includes the hours and minutes at 12, power reserve at 4, and date at 7 o’clock. Next to the date dial is a push button for quick setting of the date. Ticking inside this watch is a manual-winding movement developed for MB&F by Stephen McDonnell. Featuring 314 components and 35 jewels, the movement beats at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour and enables a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. Completing the MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement is a stylish black or brown hand-stitched alligator leather strap secured with white-gold folding buckle.

MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement 4

There are four different frost finishes



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