Introducing – the Romain Jerome Steampunk Urban Safari collection

Romain Jerome Steampunk Urban Safari 4

Founded in 2004, the young independent Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome is known for their high-end modern timepieces. Bold and unique, their watches often feature such unusual materials like steel from Titanic, ashes from an Icelandic volcano or even fragments of the Apollo 11 spacecraft! In addition to these astonishing models, the company also produces so-called Collaborations pieces, the watches that pay tribute to generational and pop-culture icons like Super Mario, DeLorean, Batman etc. Today, Romain Jerome is proud to unveil a new Collaborations collection – the Steampunk Urban Safari. The new series features two models: Steampunk Auto Urban Safari (black PVD) and Steampunk Auto Urban Safari Set (rose gold). Limited to only 25 and 5 pieces respectively, the models are available to buy from the official RJ retailers. The black PVD model is priced at $14,950 while the rose gold version retails for $45,500.

Romain Jerome Steampunk Urban Safari 6

Each version is decorated with an attractive leopard print pattern


The latest Romain Jerome collection pays tribute to the historic La Sape fashion movement. The “Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People” is a subculture based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of Congo in the cities of Kinshasa and Brazzaville respectively. The movement itself expresses the elegance in style and manners of colonial predecessor dandies. La Sape can be traced back to the 19th century, during the colonization of Congo. In order to civilize the “uncouth” and “naked” African people, the French brought elegant second hand clothing as a bargaining tool to gain the loyalty of the local chiefs. Soon, the Congolese embraced this new European modernity, because many of them would be paid in clothing instead of money. Although today La Sape is not as widespread as it once was, there are still many sapeurs sporting extravagant clothes.

Romain Jerome Steampunk Urban Safari 5

The followers of the La Sape movement are called sapeurs


The black-PVD coated steel and rose gold models have large 50 mm cases that are water resistant to 30 meters. Each caseback is decorated with a propeller engraving. Besides materials, the only difference between the two cases are the bezels – the red gold model features a bezel decorated with 286 diamonds. The Romain Jerome Steampunk Urban Safari watches are both decorated with a roaring leopard print pattern that covers the strap and Roman numerals VI and XII. Hand painted by Swiss craftsman André Martinez, this pattern creates a striking contrast with the rest of the watch. The dial itself is blended into the movement. What gives it a true sense of depth are the different finishes and elements of the movement, like the circular graining, the hex nuts and the pistons. In terms of functions, the dial is simple and straightforward, with central hours and minutes, and small seconds at 9 o’clock.

Romain Jerome Steampunk Urban Safari 1

Both casebacks are decorated with a propeller engraving


The Steampunk Auto Urban Safari and Steampunk Auto Urban Safari Set are both powered by the caliber RJ001- AS with 23 jewels. This self-winding movement oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and offers a power reserve of 48 hours. Each version is completed with an alligator leather strap with a leopard print pattern.


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