Keeping it Simple: Ochs und Junior Annual Calendar Brass

If you’re tired of complications and want to dive into the sea of minimalism, then boy do we have something for you! It’s the latest creation from Ochs und Junior, the Annual Calendar Brass. This is actually a new version of their existing Annual Calendar watch, which is the world’s most minimalist annual calendar watch. You won’t find any numerals here or any typical indicators you might expect for the calendar. Indeed, the watch keeps things to a minimum, both aesthetically and functionally. For instance, the calendar part of the movement features just 3 moving parts, as opposed to traditional such complication, which requires up to 40 components. Now, that sounds intriguing.

The Annual Calendar uses just 3 moving parts

This watch has got “minimalism” written all over it, and nowhere is that obvious as on the dial. The most interesting thing here is certainly is the annual calendar, represented by a unique system of rotating dots. There are 3 dotted circles, the biggest one showing the date, and two smaller ones for days and months. Beneath the dial are the moving discs which have markings aligning with the certain holes depending on the current date, day, and month.

Complementing the brass, we have the hand-patinated indexes and hands (hours and minutes), which create a nice contrast. Because of the natural differences in the hand-patination process, each watch is effectively a unique piece, which certainly adds to the overall appeal. While the most prominent material on this watch is the brass on the dial, there is another important material here – titanium. It was used for the case, crown and the buckle. The watch itself comes in two sizes: 39 mm and 42 mm, but apart from the dimensions the two versions are virtually identical.

Two sizes are available - 39 and 42 mm

When it comes to the movement, Ochs und Junior used the ETA 2824-2 caliber as the base, which they have modified with a minimalist annual calendar complication. The latter comprises just 3 moving parts, specially designed for this watch: the 5-tooth cogwheel, the month disk and finally, the weekday disk. As for the strap, there we also find another instance of minimalism. No fancy decorations here; complementing the watch, we have a stylish dark brown eco-tanned leather strap, a perfect match for the brass dial and the patinated hands and indexes. It’s completed with a buckle made of titanium, just like the case.

The brass is complemented with titanium parts - minimalist designed, of course

While this isn’t a limited edition per se, the number of these watches won’t be high – Ochs und Junior make no more than 300 watches a year, and the only physical location where you can get one is their workspace in Lucerne. The price definitely reflects the work that goes into making a watch like this – the Annual Calendar Brass is priced at 8,000 Swiss Francs, and there’s also a version featuring a silver case that costs 10,000 Swiss Francs. If brass isn’t your cup of tea, Ochs und Junior have several color options for the dial, making this watch even more unique.

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