MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod Titanium Green

MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod Titanium Green 1

Introduced in 2017, the HM7 Aquapod is MB&F’s first and so far only water-themed timepiece. The idea for this watch came from Maximilian Büsser’s memories of family beach holidays, which, among others, included an encounter with a jellyfish. Mesmerized by this aquatic creature, the brand’s founder got an inspiration for a new three-dimensional creation. And although the concept for the HM7 came relatively quickly, it was the development that took many years to complete. This is one of the reasons why MB&F launched the HM8 before HM7. After being offered in red gold with black ceramic bezel, and in titanium with blue ceramic bezel, the HM7 now comes in a new version with titanium case and green sapphire crystal bezel. Priced at CHF 108,000, the MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod Titanium Green is issued as a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Although not really recommended for swimming (water resistance only 50 meters), the HM7 Aquapod Titanium Green still possesses one of the most important attributes of a good diver’s watch – a unidirectional rotating bezel. However, unlike most diving timepieces, its bezel is not attached to the case but rather “floats” like a life buoy. The previous HM7 models featured ceramic bezels with the numerals and markers engraved and then filled with metalized titanium. In order to achieve the perfect color for the green edition, the watchmakers at MB&F replaced the ceramic with sapphire ring. The ring itself is coated in green lacquer while the numbers and markers are metalized under the sapphire crystal.

MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod Titanium Green 2

Unlike previous versions, which featured ceramic bezels, the latest model features a sapphire bezel coated in green lacquer


Whereas most of the watch movements are built horizontally, the engine of the HM7 Aquapod Titanium Green has its components arranged vertically. Each part is concentrically mounted around the central axis. The energy is transferred from the rotor at the bottom, to the flying tourbillon regulator at the top via gearing acting like a series of stairs. Maximilian Büsser intentionally chose a flying tourbillon as the upper bridge of a regular tourbillon would have required the use of smaller and less legible time-display rings. To increase nighttime legibility, MB&F has surrounded the continually rotating flying tourbillon regulator with 3 panels of AGT Ultra (Ambient Glow Technology) lume. On the back of the watch, the winding rotor is surrounded by titanium “tentacles”. Entirely developed and produced in-house by MB&F, the self-winding movement beats at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour and offers a power reserve of approximately 72 hours.

MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod Titanium Green 5

Part of the rotor is shaped like the jellyfish’s tentacles


The new MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod Titanium Green is housed in a large 53.8 mm × 21.3 mm titanium case. Design-wise, the case itself is practically a three dimensional “sandwich” comprising two sapphire hemispheres. Positioned between the case and “floating” bezel are two crowns: one for setting the time (3 o’clock) and the other for winding the movement (9 o’clock). Hours and minutes are displayed by two spherical segment discs in aluminum and titanium. The hour and minute numerals and markers have been hand-coated in green Super-LumiNova. Completing the watch we have a sporty black rubber strap.

MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod Titanium Green 4

The case is basically a three dimensional “sandwich” comprising two sapphire hemispheres



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