Rudis Sylva proudly presents: RS12 Grand Art Horloger

Talk about unique movements – the latest timepiece from Rudis Sylva, the RS12 Grand Art Horloger is the third generation of watches equipped with a Harmonious Oscillator, a revolutionary movement that offers far better accuracy than most conventional tourbillons or carrousels. All this technology is packed in a stylish case adorned with exquisite engraving, making this watch a really nice combination of luxury and cutting-edge technology.

So, how does this Harmonious Oscillator actually work? Well, for starters, it uses two toothed balances which are interlinked, ensuring the same amplitude. The symmetry and the energy of these two balanced springs are constantly opposed, which ensures instantaneous average correction in the vertical position. In this way, the effects of gravity are greatly reduced. The instantaneous time correction in the vertical position makes the Harmonious Oscillator far superior to a Tourbillon, which typically needs a minute to correct time. The movement has a power reserve of about 70 hours, which is pretty commendable.

But this movement isn’t just impressive in purely mechanical terms; the finishing and engraving of the Oscillator make it a highly sophisticated piece of engineering. It features elaborate decorative details hand-worked by the finest craftsmen from Switzerland’s Jura region. The lower part of the main plate boasts a hand-crafted guilloche decoration of tapering pyramids. Each guilloche line has 60 pyramids, meticulously placed together. The dial also features special oven-fired enamel. The material is made from crushed silica stones mixed with water, which are then applied to the hand-engraved surfaces and placed in a special oven at 840°C. Finally, the enamel is polished for a perfect result.

Every single piece was carefully treated

As for the case, the RS12 Grand Art Horloger comes in an 18 carat red or white gold and its diameter is 44 mm. It features vertical satin finish, making the watch even more luxurious. On the back, there is an interesting sundial decoration, as well as previously mentioned engraving work. Basic functions are shown on the dial – hours, minutes and small seconds on a separate indicator made of titanium. The same guilloche work seen below the seconds indicator is also present on the hand centre, nicely emphasizing the hand-work aspect of this watch. The hands themselves are also in gold, and are hand decorated.

Finally, the timepiece is completed with a (real!) black alligator leather strap, featuring large scales with tassel. The strap has a tongue buckle that comes in either red or white gold, matching the case material. The deep black is a nice contrast to the seemingly complicated dial, and overall it makes the style of the watch stand out even more. In case you’re wondering what the price of this technological marvel is, let’s just say it’s a lot. Somewhere in the 6-digits area. Ouch. That will certainly make it even more unique, considering only the very lucky (and rich, but that’s a given) people will be able to obtain one. Oh well, at least we can admire this beautiful piece of engineering from afar!

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