Safety first: Richard Mille Tourbillon G-Sensor RM 036 Jean Todt Limited Edition

The world of automobiles has once again served as an inspiration for Richard Mille, this time promoting the somewhat overlooked aspect of it – road safety. Mille offered his support to his long-time friend Jean Todt, the president of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the global organization “FIA Action for Road Safety”. The product of this collaboration is the RM 036 Jean Todt Limited Edition watch, which has been designed to offer tangible solutions for road safety.

What this essentially means is that the watch makes drivers aware of the dangers linked to the road. It does that by means of its mechanism – every time a driver rapidly decelerates, the G-force which occurs then gets accumulated in the mechanical G-sensor. The sensor translates the force to a dedicated indicator on the dial. The driver then knows whether the deceleration was safe or not by looking at the color of the zone where the indicator is pointing at. Green means the deceleration was safe, and naturally, red represents critical deceleration.

Familiar shape brings exciting dial

The G-sensor is composed of over 50 parts, and measures just 17 mm. It was developed and patented by Renaud Papi exclusively for Richard Mille. It’s also highly robust, being able to withstand decelerations of several tens of G’s. The whole mechanism, in fact, provides high quality robustness with its manual winding tourbillon movement (Caliber RM036) made entirely of grade-5 titanium and ARCAP, with a carbon-nanofiber baseplate. Besides the basic hours and minutes, the movement also powers the small seconds sub-dial and, of course, the G-sensor. The power reserve is about 70 hours, which should be quite enough for everyday use.

Can't touch this: the sapphire crystal protects the robust movement

As for the case, the overall shape and style are instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the Richard Mille’s collection. The tonneau-shaped ergonomic case measures hefty 50.00 x 42.70 mm, constructed according to an extremely rigorous specification. The company opted for titanium, which gives the watch a sleek look, aside from obvious robust quality. On the front, an anti-glare sapphire crystal protects the peculiar dial which reveals the mechanism. Lot of stuff going on here – the main dial is complemented with a small second sub-dial located below, and the G-force indicator above. The mechanism can be also seen on the back, thanks to the sapphire crystal.

Finally, completing the watch is rather simple black rubber strap. The style of the strap nicely contrasts the complexity of the case design, and especially the dial. Unfortunately, only a limited number of people are going to enjoy the qualities of the watch, both aesthetic and mechanical. The RM 036 Jean Todt is being released in a collection of just 15 pieces. A great thing about the sale of these timepieces is that the profits are going to be donated by Jean Todt for two initiatives; the Global Campaign for Road Safety and the ICM Brain and Spine Institute, of which he is a co-founder. Collaborations like these are always welcomed, and we hope there are more of those in the future.


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