Swatch’s Limited Edition Little Idiot

There is no need for special introduction of Swatch and most likely no need for extra words on their common collaborations with pop artists of all mediums. Over time we wrote about many of such collaborative efforts and this time its no different. This time we are introducing another joint venture with a big name, this time a music super star. Swatch joined forces with none other than the boldest man in techno… Moby.  Moby is a world famous musician, DJ, photographer and an animal rights activist for the past 30 years. Born in 1965 in New York, he started learning the classical guitar at the age of 9, then piano and drums. Beside his love for music, he is also know for his photography skills, essays,  and his generosity. This multi-talented artist started drawing in the mid 80’s. He told in one of his interviews that every bag that left the record store (where he worked at) had some kind of a drawing on it. And the doodles grew and formed a distinct style until the characters got this present form and life. So after almost thirty years, we get this limited edition Swatch timepiece inspired by Moby’s work. Moby used this “Little Idiot” in some of his videos and for record promotions. So for all of you fans out there, this is a great opportunity for you to own a piece of Moby memorabilia.

This bold ( :) sorry, couldn’t resist) design looks silly, fun but also very modern and unique at the same time. With prints of Moby’s hand drawings in white on the dial and strap as well, makes the end product “very Swatch”. The case  is solid blue color and the dial features Moby’s drawing of his famous alien. Without any numerals and just with a few white stars and a yellow moon on top. The strap is made of durable solid blue silicone with his drawings in white color which adds to this unique style. This watch doesn’t looks childish as you may expect for a watch of this type as it radiates an almost nostalgic feeling perhaps capturing  Moby’s spirit and essence as well.

This fun yet practical timepiece is a limited edition and it’s made in “only ” 7777 pieces. The watch comes in a unique special packaging. The package is made in the same design as the watch, this time with white as the background color. The “box” also features drawings of his “Little Idiot” that makes things even more interesting. So when you’re not wearing your watch it can safely rest in it’s spherical home and look great as a decoration on your furniture. If there ever was an appropriate collaboration between the silliest or watch brands and one of the silliest artists of today then this is it. So for all of you who think that this is something special and something you absolutely must have, you better hurry and get this little piece of art.


Swatch's unique packaging


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