Two new exciting watches from Swatch feat. Mika

A burst of creativity comes from Swatch, in the form of two new watches with bold design and some pretty funky names – Kukulakuku and Kukulakuki (try saying that three times fast!). The new timepieces are the result of the collaboration between the Swiss company and British singer-songwriter Mika, and are part of the new MIKA 4 SWATCH 2013 XMas Collection. If you like watches with bold colors and daring patterns, then this just might be the right piece for you!

And speaking of design, both watches feature dials with traditional African tribal masks, the same image being on the strap. This is complemented with a geometrical pattern, which is actually positioned on the different sides of the strap, depending on the particular version of the watch. The Kukulakuku has such pattern on the inner side, while the Kukulakuki features that design on the outer side of the strap. Color-wise, there are slight differences – the Kukulakuku relies more on blue, while the Kukulakuki emphasizes yellow a bit more.

Spooky of quirky?

If we take away the peculiar styling, we’re talking about fairly simple watches. Typical for Swatch, these are plastic watches, and they are completed with silicone straps. The water resistance is 3 bar, meaning the watches do just fine if exposed to water, as long as it’s not some serious diving.

Mika 4 Swatch

Swatch and Mika have a lot in common – besides both turning 30 this year, they also share a commitment to creative diversity, and they’re both highly successful in their respective fields. Now, their talents come together in uniquely-designed timepiece that certainly won’t go unnoticed. Mika came up with the design together with his sister Yasmine; the duo had already been working together in the past 10 years creating artworks, and in the last 12 months, the Swatch project was their priority working from their London studio.

KUKULAKUKI, with slightly different colors

Speaking about the idea behind this specific style, Mika explained that the design expresses his idea of the watch as a totemic object. The pattern that can be seen on the watch is a combination of different designs from tribal motifs originating in Tunisia, Morocco, and other parts of Africa, as well as adding some Oceanic tribal motifs. Quite a mix we have here, and it certainly resulted in something that will draw people’s attention easily.

And it’s got a little bit of mystery – because of all that blending of different influences, there isn’t a single clear source for designs. But that’s not that important, because these watches are here to inspire curiosity and awe. This was one of the main parts behind the design process done by Mika and Yasmine. He added that they wanted the object to feel a little bit mystical, and it looks like they have succeeded. A seemingly simple plastic watch has been given a makeover, and what a makeover it is! It even comes in a cool box with a tribal mask containing the watch, which is a nice touch.

Tribal mask is here

Finally, along with new timepieces, Swatch has released a smartphone app called AR’t Swatch. With this application, you can scan your Mika 4 Swatch watch or just a picture of it and “discover the spirit world of the mask” (whatever that means). Sounds a little bit gimmicky, but it’s nice know it’s there.

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