A new hit? HYT is coming…

HYTHere at Watch Allure, we made it our mission to try and pull up the mysterious veil surrounding the people behind your (and ours) favorite watches. More often than not, it’s a hard job, since the majority of the big brands are very reluctant to disclose the names and faces of those people responsible for creation of masterpieces we all admire. It is among the independents that we find a different approach, mostly because there is that one-man show philosophy present, and partly because the times are changing, and “small” brands slash manufactures are realizing little cult of personality can go a long way. Basically, there are two types of creatives owning those brands, my predilection to oversimplifying things came up with two names – The Marketing Guy and The Watchmaker. I guess the meaning is pretty self-explanatory. This is the moment when you must be thinking, why am I telling you all this?

Vincent Perriard, the Concord era

THEN - Vincent Perriard, the Concord era - spot the C1 Chrono

It is because a new brand is upon us. HYT or not so catchy – Hydro Mechanical Horologists – is the new brand created by Vincent Perriard, the charismatic ex-CEO of Concord, which saw a true renaissance under his visionary guidance (and slight decline afterward), and briefly, TechnoMarine. I will let you guess in which category Mr. Perriard fits into. Now, contrary to my usual beliefs, this is not inherently a bad thing. Mostly because Mr. Perriard wisely enlisted none other than omnipresent master watchmaker Jean-François Mojon. If you are a regular reader of Watch Allure, Mr. Mojon needs no special introduction, suffice it to say he was involved in two of the most impressive timepieces of this year MBF Legacy Machine No1 and the spectacular IWC Sidérale Scafusia.

Vincent Perriard, HYT

NOW - Vincent Perriard, HYT - notice the mature, more serious look with a tie.

What is exactly HYT? It is watch, of course, but the exact details are scarce at this point. According to press release, it will feature the world’s first hybrid mechanical/fluid watch movement that shows time with (gasp!) liquid, and hands. The mechanical part of the movement was developed by Mr. Mojon, and the liquid system was designed by Helbling Techniks from Switzerland. This all sounds quite avant-garde and needles to say, we’re looking forward seeing H1 in action in next year’s Bazelworld.

Hydro Mechanical Horologists

Hydro Mechanical Horologists, the H1 movement

Till then, take a look at this Concord-esque video, maybe you will be able to visualize something other than Mr. Perriard (successfully) building up the hype…

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