About Us

WatchAllure is envisioned as a central go to place for all things wristwatch related. Our goal is to inform, educate and entertain both watch enthusiasts and avid shoppers alike via a wide variety of articles, reviews and shopping guides among other things. One part web magazine, one part encyclopedia, our aim is to carve out a corner in the online world just for wristwatch lovers and provide a platform for exchange of information, ideas and knowledge.

Based in San Francisco Bay Area, Watch Allure is an independent magazine striving for unbiased and impartial sharing of information.

WatchAllure Team

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Samir (Co-founder)
Being of firm opinion that if one has to work for a living it might as well be in a field he loves, Samir combined his fascination with wristwatches and his love for web publishing and launched WatchAllure with Minya. Samir is a software engineer by trade and has been working in IT consulting for some of the largest companies in US. He lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area.

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Minya (Co-founder)
Minya’s love for ladies watches is only equaled by her love for shoes :) Sharing the same passion with Samir, they joined forces and launched WatchAllure together. Minya holds a BS in Civil Engineering and MS in Computer Science and works as a software engineer in San Francisco Bay Area. She is WatchAllure’s chief machinist and is responsible for making it “tic”. In addition to watches she likes coding, traveling, shopping and sandy beaches.

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Zoran (Editor)
A watchmaking enthusiast and an aspiring baker, Zoran enjoys writing about all things nice, including ofcourse the fascinating world of horology. He is thrilled to be part of the WatchAllure team, learningsomething new about timepieces each day. He is particularly interested in minimalist, as well as high-tech smart watches. Zoran holds a BA in English and is excited to put his skills to work writing aboutextraordinary (and little less extraordinary) watches that enrich our lives.
Past Contributors:

Marija (Editor)
Marija is a student at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade and a great enthusiast for languages and even more so for jewelry. For her, beautiful accessories are a form of art, and thus, she looks upon watchmaking as an expression of utmost creativity and devotion to perfection. She is excited to be part of the WatchAllure team and to feed her ever growing fascination with timepieces par excellence.

Dalibor (Editor)
Graphic designer by trade, writer by necessity and connoisseur of all things beautiful by choice, Dalibor has found himself captivated by mesmerizing rhythm of cogs and wheels of watch apparatus ever since he broke his first watch at age of ten. Several decades later by a lucky string of coincidences, he landed on WatchAllure.com where he hopes his writing talent coupled with love and devotion for chronological wonders will earn him much desired fame and fortune :)

Marina (Editor)
Marina is a Master of Philosophy who uses her writing and cognitive skills to meditate on the nature of being and time. Her curiosity for inner-workings of things transcends the human condition and includes the art of watch making, a striking combination of esthetic on surface-and complex structure on the inside. She is our European ambassador, always ready to pass on the latest news from the cradle of watchmaking.