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In year 2009 Swiss designer Yvan Arpa founded a new watchmaking company called ArtyA. Their goal was to create something that was never seen before. Something truly unique. Their creations contain elements of modern art carefully wrapped into a very interesting package. Known for bold experiments in design epitomized by their now famous Son of a Gun collection Artya is still going strong announcing many other models and collections. There apparently is a personal collection in works which has been raising some questions that we have not been able to answer yet. All we can tell now is that it will feature a heaviest watch in the world :) . The whole idea of ArtyA‘s watches is to blend art into a wristwatch and to create something that will be a mixture of painting and sculpturing but worn on a wrist.

Artya thrives on the abstractness of their models. Over 50 different models, all unique pieces of art merging different art forms using the watch dial as a canvas and the body as sculpturing material. There are no two completely alike.

One of the many interesting models floating around is 1mioV H-0130. The first thing you’ll probably see and think is that this watch looks like nothing you’ve seen. But the beauty of this model is that case looks almost unfinished. With deep scratches on the case and with leather band that looks worn out it makes a great combination with blue and white painting on dial.


Another amazing piece from this set carries a 500’000V H-0087 designation . The thing that made me choose this instead of many other great and beautiful models is that it looks absolutely simple at first sight and yet very complex if you look at it more carefully. The dial is “marked” with horizontal scratches with the dial color mostly black with light blue and yellow brush strokes. But the thing I like the most is it’s hands. Similar to a few other timepieces from this collection hands look twisted and distorted witch looks great in this combination.

500'000V H-0087

What I like most about these is that every timepiece and every dial is unique and it’s hand decorated according to seventeen artistic techniques which is something that has not been seen before in the watchmaking field. High level of precision is provided with self-winding Swiss movement. You can see pieces of collage, hand painted dials, the art of forging and many more things that will probably make you want to buy an entire collection. All watches are 50 meters water resistant, and crafted by finest artists. So for every modern art admirer and everyone who just love to see something that will remind them of Kandinsky, Klint, Malevich, Miro and others, this is something that will satisfy both your artistic cravings and provide a functional highly accurate time telling function.



  1. Minya says:

    WatchAllure has recently written about Son Of a Gun Collection. Personally, my favorite is ‘Coup de foudre’, not just because of their unique mind banding dial designs but also for their ‘thousands of volts’ inspired case designs. Each part of ArtYa watches has an idea and a moment of the artist’s life engraved into it. So authentic.

  2. Somar says:

    Now that’s a great article!! Thanks for all your kind words guys, we’re thrilled to see people from around the world enjoying ArtyA collections! We’ll make sure to surprise you more and more as times goes by! CEO Yvan Arpa still has lots of tricks in his hat!

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