Bazinga! Cadence Radian Watch

Cadence Radian Watch

Now this is something for Doctor Sheldon Cooper! Or at least for brainier fans of The Big Bang Theory. Then again, when I think about it, that could just very well be the summation of the Cadence Watch Company‘s design philosophy. The Philadelphia brand got themselves a geek cred for creating watches targeted to that dying breed of consumer, the intelligent one. Their 4-bit watch fits into this description perfectly, and their second bestseller 4:20 is actually pretty self explanatory. To some people, it speaks volumes :)

The Cadence Watch Company recently revealed the latest addition to their stable of brainiac’s watches and the brainiac himself. Chris Thompson, designer of the (in)famous Math Clock, joined the Cadence’s design team as the creative lead of the brand. Chris allegedly brought years of experience with him, along with the variation of his mathematician nightmare design. If you’re not familiar with Math Clock, the idea is actually simple – each numeral is replaced with equivalent notations and/or formulas. Kinda like the Fortis IQ watch. Can’t really say which one came first, but there are too many similar watches out there now… Anyway; the Radian Watch is Chris’ first design for the Cadence Watch Company and he didn’t mind looking back to Math Clock for inspiration. In his own words, it combines the unit circle with the 12 hour dial. If you understood this without Google’s help, congratulations, you might now proceed to the next level. I’ll wait here. Chris Thompson: “We stuck 0 at the 3 o’clock position like it belongs and the radians count up counter clockwise. I called out the angle measurements at each of the hour positions and stuck the eighths in there too. In the background is the subtle Archimedean spiral, because it’s looks cool and graphs the equation r = a + bθ.”

My brain just imploded trying to figure out what the heck is going on there. And all that from a guy with Bachelor’s Degree in Design Arts…

Nevertheless, the watch looks really interesting, and it is +10 on intelligence, so what am I waiting for?

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