Casio and New Era collaboration

new member of the G-Shock family

First thing first, an introduction of the parties who made this addition to the G-Shock series possible – New Era and Casio.


Now, I believe you are all familiar with the world famous Japanese watch house, because watches are our thing, right? But often watch industries opt to cooperate with various other artists who have to do with cars, music, jewelry, street art… This time we are dealing with a headwear brand from New York. The recognizable style of the New Era Cap Company is recognized in both major and minor baseball, basketball and hockey teams as well as on the streets. The Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, Miami Dolphins, San Jose Sharks and Boston Red Sox are just some names that cooperate with New Era.

The new G-Shock DW 6900 bears most of the resemblances to other watches from the series. Namely, it stayed practically indestructible, a true sports watch. Its owner is fully equipped for any situation, when it comes to this faithful companion. It takes up any solar power – both natural and artificial – and thus eliminates the hassle and expense when it comes to batteries. Shock resistance and 200 m water resistance is definitely not a surprise with G-Shock. No worries about punctuality either. With this one on your wrist, you are free to embark on your journey through time. There is a radio system which enables you to pick up calibration signals from six transmission stations – in North America, the UN, Germany, China and two in Japan. There is the world time embracing 48 cities world wide.

A treat for sports lovers

A treat for sports lovers

The shape of the watch hasn’t changed much either. We still have four side buttons for regulating functions such as the 1/100 second chronograph, the countdown timer and up to five daily alarms. The display is slightly different now with the white background with military green screens which is an effective contrast to the black strap. The strap holds the New Era symbol. The display is also equipped with EL backlight and afterglow.

I should think that a small digression would be appropriate here, just a reminder of one more piece from this collection that is a bit different than the others from the series – a product of Casio’s collaboration with the Hawaii brand In4mation. Apart from the Rastafarian strap, an adorable feature are the letters “one love” which appear when turning on the EL backlight. I think this bit of info was worth my going off at a tangent.

Hawaii limited edition

Casio's Rastafarian G-Shock Watch

Anyway, those interested in this marriage of precision and quality will be able to find the timepiece in New Era stores throughout Europe – London, Birmingham, Paris, Milan and Berlin. The presentation of this model is due to Saturday, 3rd December 2011 and the estimated price is about €150 EUR (approximately $200 USD).

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