Corum unveils three new Heritage Coin watches for 2017

Corum Coin 2017

In 1964, nine years after it was founded, Swiss watchmaker Corum introduced one of, if not its most iconic model ever made – the Coin Watch. Over the last 53 years, the brand has introduced numerous versions that have been worn by many watch enthusiasts, collectors, celebrities and even several presidents including George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton! Today Corum is proud to expand this historic series by introducing three new Coin watches: two featuring US coins (silver coin ref. C082/03059, gold coin ref. C082/03167) and one using a special commemorative silver coin from Israel ( ref. C082/03152). Elegant and iconic, these three new Coin watches demonstrate the brand’s heritage and  how it is creative, and constantly changing.

The new Corum Heritage Coin watch ref. C082/03167 features a genuine Liberty Head double eagle gold coin. Made from 22-carat yellow gold, this 20 dollar coin was produced between 1850 to 1907. On the dial side, we have a heraldic eagle with shield while the caseback features the head of the Statue of Liberty. Unlike the other two watches, the reference C082/03167  features an inner bezel. Produced in matching gold, the bezel was added around the coin to increase the width of the dial to a more contemporary 43mm diameter. The inner bezel features hour markers and Corum logo etched at 12 o’clock. The second US-inspired model, the Heritage Coin watch ref. C082/03059, uses an authentic American Silver Eagle coin. The dial side depicts a heraldic eagle with shield while the caseback features a walking Statue of Liberty. Positioned near 12 o’clock is the Corum logo transferred under the sapphire glass.

Corum Coin 20 dollar 1

The gold coin model is the only one to feature an inner bezel


And finally we have the Corum Heritage Coin watch ref. C082/03152 – a special model that features a silver coin commemorating the anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel. This 10 lirot coin was minted in 1973 for the 25th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence proclaimed by David Ben-Gurion on May 14, 1948. On the reference C082/03152, the Corum logo is transferred under the sapphire crystal at 9 o’clock.

Corum Coin 10 lirot 1

The coin used for this model was minted in 1973


The new 2017 Heritage Coin watches are all 43mm wide and feature a 10 meter water resistant case that matches the material of the coin inside it. The dials are all simple and straightforward, displaying only hours and minutes. Each one features two thin baton hands (blue for the reference C082/03059 and black for the other two models). Powering each watch is the caliber CO 082 with 21 jewels. This self-winding movement beats at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and offers a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. The latest Corum Heritage Coin watches are available with stylish alligator leather straps that match the color of the baton hands. The timepieces are now available at the brand’s boutiques and authorized Corum retailers. The Gold US Coin model ref. C082/03167 retails at $23,000, while the two silver watches are priced at $13,800 each.

Corum Coin 1 dollar

Each model comes on a beautiful alligator leather strap that matches the two thin hands



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