De Bethune DB25 Special Edition for Only Watch 2011

De Bethune Only Watch 2011The procession of amazing watches for Only Watch 2011 continues! Today, it is time for De Bethune to show us why they are considered one of the most respected independent manufactures. And they succeeded in that magnificently.
Similar to Romain Jerome Rock the Rock DNA watch, De Bethune chose to honor the place which will be a host to this charitable event – Monaco. The striking blue dial, sprinkled with 105 white gold and diamond stars represents the exact layout of the stars on the most important evening in the history of Monaco. It was on the fateful night of January 8th 1297, that François Grimaldi sneaked into the Monaco fortress. Under the disguise of a Franciscan monk, he stealthy made his way through the dark and narrow streets of the sleepy town to open the gate of the fort, and let his own men in. Navigating by the stars now immortalized on this wonderful watch, François seized this Genoese bastion and thus started the rule of the House of Grimaldi, the rule which lasted to this day, where his descendant  the prince of Monaco and is a kind patron of the Only Watch 2011 auction.

Monaco Coat of Arms

This audacious moment has been celebrated on the Monegasque coat of arms. Rumor has it served as an inspiration for the Assassin’s Creed video game!

As for the watch itself, the original De Bethune DB25 is almost unrecognizable in this unique piece, but the De Bethune’s genetic material is clearly evident. Apart from the brilliant flame-blued and hand-polished titanium dial, studded with 91 stars in white gold and 14 in invisible set diamonds, the first thing that captures your attention is the lack of any hands on the dial. The time is told by two rotated sandblasted sterling silver discs and read at 6 o’clock. Not the groundbreaking idea but it is nice to have the clean dial. Alas, the effect is somewhat lessened by the huge backbone like ridge dividing the dial and pointing at the time. The Roman numeral disc shows the hours and the disc with Arabic numerals serve as the presenter for the minutes.
One of the things for which De Bethune is recognized among the watch connoisseurs around the planet is almost fanatical artistic dedication to their movements. A prefect blend between traditional skills and space age technology, De Bethune truly represents the cutting edge in horology today. The movement employed in this unique piece is a mechanical hand-wound DB2105S, with 270 components and 28,800 vibrations. Its main plate and bridges in beveled and hand-polished steel are visible through the sapphire crystal back and the power reserve is quite impressive six days. The 44 mm case is Classic round drum shape, in white gold and covered with sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective treatment.

Excellent addition to the Only Watch 2011 roster, with both its technical and artistic achievement and its noble theme. It is so fitting that this spirit will be put into service of the forces fighting the terrible disorder such is Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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