Formula 1 King Power Great Britain

It’s been months since we wrote about a King Power edition of some kind. Unacceptable! To remedy the situation lets look at the latest spin on the model.

Both Great Britain and Hublot had many important reasons to celebrate lately. The European country famous for respecting its traditions honored the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. As for the renowned Swiss company Hublot, it was the official watchmaker for recently finished UEFA EURO 2012, and in March they also launched the first Hublot and Ferrari collaborative watch, The Big Bang Ferrari.

Now Hublot, as the official watchmaker of Formula 1™ whose home happens to be in Great Britain, has the privilege to present the new F1™ King Power Great Britain. When you think of Formula 1, one of the first things that comes to mind has got to be awesome speed, but even though its less obvious high tech materials, top notch build quality and innovation are all prerequisite for those speeds to be achieved. That is why the making of F1™ King Power Great Britain was directly inspired by high-tech materials used for the fastest cars in the world, such as carbon fiber and ceramic bezel with a circular grained satin finish. You may also notice a very special adornment – small holes which evoke a high performance break disc. In addition to this  large push-buttons dominate visually on the side while 3 sub-dials steal the show on the dial itself.  Schumacher worthy!

The fusion of materials continues – take a closer look at the case and you will discover one of the exclusive components this timepiece has to offer. Its color reminds of a sort of reddish wood, doesn’t it? Well, it is actually gold, but not just any gold – it is 18K King Gold. That is a particular kind of an 18 carat gold alloy which Hublot use. Here is a fun piece of trivia for you – the exact composition of this alloy is classified. But, what we do know is that the eye-catching color of this watch’s case is a creation of Hublot metallurgists who increase the percentage of copper in the alloy. That is why this gold is redder than the traditional 5N red gold. And don’t you fear, it won’t fade! The metallurgists also added platinum to stabilize the color and neutralize the oxidation. Rest assured, it will last a long, long time. The end result? Magic scratch-resistant gold!

F1 King Power Great Britain

When you look inside the case, you will notice that the dial is multi-layered where black and grey colors compliment each other, with satin finished gold plated appliques with black luminiscent. The bling factor is increased by gold plated hands filled with black SuperLuminova, so the shine would be attractive, and yet tasteful.

Finally, let’s pay attention to the timepiece’s band. One might say that this is a masculine, sports watch. Exclusive, but maybe not too stylish at first glance. Take a better look – it would not be fair to neglect its elegant strap. It is made from black alligator horn back stitched onto black rubber, with red stitching for the subtle, yet fashionable touch.

All in all, this is a watch that can easily be imagined on a F1 driver, but also on anyone who has a flair for sports, speed, elegance and, of course – quality. Exclusivity is ensured by the limited 250 piece edition.

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