Guns don’t kill people, bullets do: Hublot Masterpiece 03

Hublot Masterpiece 03 Another week, another Hublot! Or, is it? Well, sort of. I know you are all feeling vapid without your weekly dose of Big Bang or King Power, but your addiction would just have to be put on hold for now, because we bring you today another, less familiar facet of Hublot’s manufacture. Yes, I am talking about Hublot’s Masterpiece collection, of which we had a pleasure acquainting you with this very appropriately named Key of Time Masterpiece. It was Hublot’s second entry in this collection designed, as some would be quick to point out, solely as the marketing tool and a mean to generate more press for the already high profile brand. However, I think it is fair to say that anyone willing to spend millions of dollars on the marketing gimmicks like this, deserves at least one article. It will be interesting to see how Hublot’s unconventional business model, with a seemingly endless streak of limited-edition series, benefits from this Masterpiece collection (as it’s hard to believe it actually generates any profit), but for now let’s forget about that prosaic thing called money and enjoy this unorthodox timepiece.

Hublot Masterpiece 03

Hublot Masterpiece 03

And unorthodox it is. Strange both in shape and concept, it is also surprisingly low key for the brand that is best known for their ostentatious and flashy timepieces. This is why I respect Hublot. Their willingness to experiment and branch out might not be so evident in their mainstream offering which basically consists of said two models and infinite number of versions, but here, in Masterpiece ring, the only limit is the creator’s imagination, however corny that might sound.
The idea behind this MP-03 was to create modern pocket watch that would actually be worn by it’s owner and not just serve as a decoration or desk clock, as most of the modern pocket watches do. A noble idea indeed, but how to achieve it? Why, put the watch in the gun cartridge of course! If you are still trying to wrap you’re head around this, then you have never been to Mexico as the chief of Hublot’s High Complications department Mathias Buttet. There, he witnessed both men and women wearing 9 mm slugs as necklaces, so that was his inspiration for this unusual pocket watch. Naturally.

A horizontal tourbillon movement in MP-03

A horizontal tourbillon movement in MP-03

The real beauty of this seemingly cheap watch is its movement and the counter like time display. The calibre is a unique horizontal tourbillon movement, which tells the time by 3 rotating wheels, and it is displayed through a glass opening on the case. The bullet (that is that pointy end that eventually kills you) is this watch’s winding-crown – turn it one way and you wind the watch, and the other you set the time.

There is no additional info as what material are used and what are the dimensions, but as the PR claims it could be worn as a pendant, dimensions shouldn’t be too big. No word on the availability, but I would venture a guess it will be a limited-edition :)

Better look at the movement in MP-03

Better look at the movement in MP-03


  1. Samir says:

    I kinda dig it :D

  2. Dalibor says:

    Yea, me too :) Ain’t notin’ but a G thang! If this was the 90s, I would predict this watch a bright future! Hublot is already mega popular in hip hop circles, and put this baby in gold and Hublot’s popularity would skyrocket! Jay Z would buy at least 10

  3. Zone says:

    Actually, they do have a version that’s encrusted all over with diamonds.

    • Sarah says:

      I’ve seen a photo of the diamond one! Looks great! Still, this plain MP-03 looks more authentic :)

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