It came from outer space: EXTático Diver

EXTático DIVER Well, this is certainly one of the more futuristic divers I have seen. In fact, if I had to guess, I would have an extremely hard time to identify it as a diver. To even say that is a watch might be stretching it… Looks more like a weapon for a 0007, a distant successor of James Bond. Future terrorists hell-bent on destroying the Jupiter gas farms better watch out! That buzz saw bezel is heading straight for your… head!

The guys behind this symbiotic timepiece from outer space – EXTático – are quite philosophically orientated Spaniards, with a specific view on time and everything it symbolizes, and fellow countrymen Moragas Technologie, specialists in micro mechanics and precision engineering. While some would be quick to dismiss the brand solely on the geographical location and prejudice, allow me to remind you of another Spanish brand that is certainly beyond such petty preconceptions – Pita Barcelona. However, that being said, it is somewhat humorous to see EXTático’s quasi high-brow concept tested by (perhaps) modeling mistake – one of the EXTático’s prime postulates is the deliberate absence of the seconds hand, which as you might have noticed, is magically making a comeback…

EXTático Diver

EXTático Diver

But let us not judge the unfortunate timepiece because someone out there forgot their roots, so to speak. This Diver might just be the breath of fresh air this segment need. While uncountable other divers from far better known brands are nothing more than play things for (rich) desk jockeys, EXTático Diver completely abides by NIHS Swiss watch industry norms for divers watch. Not just that, but apparently many of its components are being produced in Spain, making it a interesting hybrid of Latin sensuality and Swiss cold, calculated precision. Sorry, couldn’t resist stumbling on some cliches myself… It is not entirely untrue, though. Future buyers would be given a delicate movement choice between ETA 2824 or an ESQUEMA ST 21 based caliber. Good luck with that ETA, future buyer!

EXTático Diver’s outlandish looks reminds me a bit of RSW designs, but in my book that is a good thing. It looks like someone finally realized that tool watches are “people” too and decided they also deserve to look handsome. For me, a big plus is that really steep dial, but that might disappear when it comes to production, this watch looks freaking fat, and I would argue you don’t really need that thick bezel.


EXTático Diver and its unique laterally positioned lug attachment system

Other features of EXTático Diver: a water-resistance of 400m, a case made of 316L Stainless steel, a 120-click unidirectional rotational divers bezel, and a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating (both sides). Hands and markers coated in SuperLuminova and a Swiss polished and engraved screwdown caseback with dual locking screwdown crown. As well as the aforementioned choice between two movements, you will be able to chose from two dials, a conventional printed dial or a specialized sintered dial.

Overall, very nice features for a quite decent price: 550 euros (approx 740 dollars) for the ESQUEMA version and 660 euros (approx 900 dollars) for the ETA.

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