MoonFighter: Romain Jerome takes the fight to space

RJ MoonFighter attack It looks like Romain Jerome finally managed to get some of their geek cred back! And the funniest thing is – they didn’t even need a watch for that! Following the Space Invaders fiasco (well, in my opinion at least) Romain Jerome launched the follow up of their Moon Invader collection. This MoonFighter series comprising of a fountain pen and a rollerball pen, which perfectly rounds up the already solid RJ Moon concept.
If you are not familiar with Romain Jerome’s DNA of the Famous Legends concept, a couple of years ago under the leadership of one insane visionary individual, L’Enfant terrible of the Swiss watchmaking – Yvan Arpa; Romain Jerome introduced an infamous line of watches that incorporated parts of the legendary (what else) vessels, artifacts and celestial objects. Needless to say, this unheard of concept attracted a lot of press attention (both positive and negative), defined the virtually unknown brand and most importantly, earned loads of money! I mean, they even manufactured a 300 k dollar Night & Day watch that only tells (obviously) if its night or day. Atrociously brilliant! After Mr. Arpa’s departure in 2009, the reins of now wildly outrageous brand were taken by Manuel Emch, who boldly continued threading the exciting path paved by eccentric Arpa. Of course, Mr. Emch was not satisfied with just that, he wanted to leave his own mark on the poor, shell shocked brand. His influence is finally beginning to bear fruit, and what a strange fruit it is. Well, strange for haute horlogerie I mean. I mentioned the unfortunate Space Invaders watch before, and it is a perfect example of this new wave of haute horlogerie. As much as I wasn’t impressed by the final product, I can certainly appreciate the motives behind it. Coupled with several other products from Romain Jerome (these pen included), it is great to see the nerd passion, usually confined to obscure internet forums, poured into this kind of “serious” business. I find it hard to imagine these kind osf ideas were conceived by a board of high level executives, with profit as their primary concern.

RJ MoonFighter Black Metal

What do you mean Flash Gordon approaching? RJ MoonFighter Black Metal

On second thought… Seeing how the Mr. Emch’s pop generation raised on video games, MTV and 80s movies is now slowly beginning to take place of our parents in the higher echelons of power, is not that far fetched to visualize someone taking advantage of theirs nostalgia. It was only a matter of time. A shock and disgust of the older generations are almost palpable: “We had jazz and art and Richard Burton…”

As for the pen itself, it’s available in three versions: an ominous Black Metal, an intrepid Heavy Metal and the oldest school of all – The Vintage. Prices are not too excessive for these kinds of toys for big boys. Heavy Metal version is 1,990 Swiss Francs and Black Metal and Vintage are bit more expensive – 2,350 CHF.

Left to right: Heavy Metal, Black Metal and Vintage MoonFighter

Left to right: Heavy Metal, Black Metal and Vintage MoonFighter

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