Never enough diamonds!

Looking for bling? Look no further!

The house of Graff, with its seat in Mayfair, London, specializes in producing diamonds, every piece being treated with utmost care, from being taken out of mines all around the world up to when it arrives into the hands of Graff’s excellent craftsmen. The “most fabulous jewels in the world” are produced here, to quote Laurence Graff, the founder of the house of Graff and a great diamond enthusiast.

Apart from producing all sorts of jewelry and accessories with diamond details, Graff has a serious collection of timepieces. Even at first glance it is obvious that the people behind Graff are not only devoted to producing pieces of exquisite beauty but also highest quality and featuring even the most complex complications. All this is accompanied by a plethora of high-end diamonds. This is why the price of these timepieces is sky-high (the one I’m presenting you right now – $2 million). Also, the watches are always produced in limited numbers, this one numbering ten pieces – five in rose and five in white gold.

Apart from bearing all those diamonds, the watches themselves have the shape of a diamond

Apart from bearing all those diamonds, the watches themselves have the shape of a diamond

This watch is completely see-through and it reflects light beautifully due to the triangularly shaped diamonds of the case. The buckle, lugs and crown are also covered in diamonds which adds up to 164 diamonds, the weight of which totals 21 carats. All the diamonds need to be set in place before they are cased in order not to damage them. Sapphire crystals protect the heart of the case from the front as well as from the back, so the meticulously adjusted inner mechanism is completely at our disposal. Even the dial is completely transparent, not having numerals and the hands being skeletonized. The hand winding becomes an absorbing event as it can be viewed through the back case. So for people engrossed in watch mechanisms, there is hardly a better opportunity to take a peak into the very heart of a timepiece. Oh but I guess movements are a special treat for these people. Graff has taken care of that too, as they gathered a handpicked team of fine craftsman to make this watch spotless. The movement in this piece is a custom made Concepto tourbillon movement, making the overall power reserve of the watch 72 hours. The tourbillon is said to be one of the most complex movements, and in this watch, it is completely presented to you. In the next photo you can see that the MasterGraff Skeleton really is completely skeletonized.

The MasterGraff Skeleton is completely see-through

The MasterGraff Skeleton is completely see-through

As I have already mentioned, there are two variants of this piece of art. The case of the first is of rose gold and the second of white gold. The strap comes in black or brown leather. But this time colour is the least important thing to worry about. For the lucky (and above all prosperous) owner, the MasterGraff Skeleton will most certainly be more than a timetelling machine. It will be a sign of prestige and scintillating luxury, to be viewed and admired wherever the owner should make an appearance.

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