One of a kind – Blue Sensation

This time, we are going on a trip to Germany, to a watch house that will take us even further, on a journey into the past.

Grieb and Benzinger is a German team of watchmakers with a unique devotion to tradition and detail. And by unique, I really do mean unique. Namely, this team of meticulous craftsmen dedicated their lives to the restoration of old timepieces and bringing them to life with a new shine. All the pieces of the old watch are carefully refurbished and then embellished by hand engravings. Each and every screw is treated over an open flame and manually re-polished. Only the balance and hairspring are replaced with more modern counterparts. Furthermore, watches from Grieb & Benzinger can be easily recognized due to their trademark – the blue movements. These movements were introduced by the 19th century watchmaker Charles Oudin. Grieb & Benzinger decided to traditionally make their movements entirely or partially blue with respect to Oudin, as well as other artists of the so called “blue period” of the early 20th century (probably the most renowned of them being Pablo Picasso). Fast forward to today…

A new model, the Blue Sensation joins its fellow timepieces in the not so vast Grieb & Benzinger collection. Their scope numbers only five models, each of them being alike with respect to the mechanism, blue hands and skeletonized display featuring several sub dials, but nonetheless bearing their one-of-a-kind features. As well as the other models, the Blue Sensation awaits its owner – the one and only in the world to carry it on his/her wrist!

A close-up to the Blue Sensation dial

A close-up to the Blue Sensation dial

The dial of the Blue Sensation is massive – 47 mm in diameter! Nevertheless, the dial was not left bare as it bears several complications and it is skeletonized on top of that. Though we have three rings overlapping, they seem to be perfectly legible. The one at three o’clock is a thirty-minute chronograph counter and the one on nine o’clock is the small seconds indicator. The prominent center dial showcases large Roman numerals and serves to show the hours and minutes. All this is set in a platinum case with sapphire crystal caseback and dial window. The movement behind the dial is labeled as “historic” and it is indeed a restoration of the 1926 mechanism (which was presumably meant to power a pocket watch). All his effort is targeted for the people enthralled in watch movements since in all Grieb & Benzinger timepieces the mechanism can be seen through the sapphire crystal.

Sensational indeed - the back of the watch

Sensational indeed - the back of the watch

I guess your first question was – what’s the price? Well, Grieb & Benzinger didn’t want to reveal all the details. Could it be that they considered the health of the engrossed watch enthusiasts? May be, because the price will be in  six-figures (euros while we are at it).


  1. Samir says:

    I wonder if blue color was obtained by flame treating stainless steel parts… Very interesting.

    • Marija says:

      Actually, it was. All those parts were treated over an open flame, which seems not to be some out-of-the-ordinary procedure, but that I really can’t argue :)

    • Samir says:

      I’ve seen people blue individual screws before for decoration, don’t recall seeing half a movement done that way.

  2. Marija says:

    Yeah, that is the trademark of Grieb & Benzinger. As I said in the article, if you take a look at their other 5 timepieces you will notice they all have this characteristic mark. And it is pretty cool isn’t it?

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