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Raymond Weil Maestro Moon Phase

There’s something magical about watches with Moon Phase complications — even if you don’t particularly care about knowing which Moon phase you’re going to be experiencing that day, it still enhances an otherwise ordinary time-telling instrument. And not just from a visual point of view. One such watch comes from Swiss luxury watchmaker Raymond Weil, […]

Cartier Tank – the world’s most iconic non-round watch

Although some watch enthusiasts consider Cartier more of a jewelry brand than a watch brand, the French luxury giant actually has a significant place in horological history. Cartier is responsible for creating the concept of the wristwatch as we know it today. Their first men’s wristwatch, the 1904 Cartier Santos, is also the first modern […]

Rolex Submariner – the most legendary (diving) watch of all time

Diving watches in general have always been in high demand among users and collectors. In fact, it is safe to say that out of all types of watches, they are the most popular choice. But why is it so? What makes diving watches so desirable? There are several reasons for this, the main probably being […]

Bulova Accutron Spaceview – the coolest piece of American watch history

Established in 1875, Bulova is one of the oldest American watchmaking companies. Although it should be noted that the brand today is not as “American” as it was once. The company is currently owned b the Japanese watchmakery Citizen. Founded by Joseph Bulova, an immigrant from Bohemia, the renowned New York-based brand is responsible for […]

Seiko 5 – an affordable watch icon

Royal Oak, Nautilus, Seamaster, El Primero, Calatrava, Reverso…these are all names of some of the watchmaking’s most iconic pieces ever made. Powerful and highly-recognizable, they are associated with high-quality luxury products of exceptional workmanship. However, in most cases this kind of prestige comes with a pretty high price. Featuring price tags with four, five or […]

Chronoswiss Sirius Moon Phase Diamonds

Diamonds! Everything looks better with them, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not everything, but this Sirius from Chronoswiss certainly benefits from all the gems. They’re even mentioned in the watch’s name – Sirius Moon Phase Diamonds – so you know what to expect. Chronoswiss themselves actually describe it as one of their most glamorous watches. The […]

Enicar Hyperion CH337 Chronometer

It’s time for some elegant steel watches, and this one comes from a brand that celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. We’re talking about Enicar, and their Hyperion CH337 Chronometer. This timepiece is a part of the brand’s Prestige collection, and one of the first things you’re going to notice about it is the dial. […]

Hermès Slim d’Hermès

Less is more, as they say, and that definitely applies to this watch by Hermès – the Slim d’Hermès. The company describes the timepiece as capturing the essence of pure form, which becomes very clear once you’ve taken a look at the dial. There we have a very clean and elegant layout that possesses a […]

Bell & Ross BR-X1 Carbone Forgé

Last year, we saw the release of the BR-X1 by Bell & Ross, a high-tech sporty chronograph which the company called the “Ultimate Utility Watch”. It was an extreme version of their BR-01 timepiece, and it paid tribute to the Bell X-1 which, back in 1947, became the first American experimental plane equipped with a […]

Louis Moinet AstroMoon

Did you know that Louis Moinet is the only watchmaking brand that offers watches with actual meteorite fragments from both the Moon and Mars? One of such meteorites – Dhofar 459 – is featured on the AstroMoon, a limited edition watch that combines a column-wheel chronograph, a 60-second tourbillon, and a moon phase indicator. The […]