Saint Honore: Worldcode diver watch

Imagine this scene: you’re on a vast, sandy beach. The sea is glistening in the sun, and a light breeze brings you its refreshing scent. You are ready for action, for discovering new worlds – underwater worlds, that is. You have your gear prepared and you’re ready to go. The only thing you’re missing is an accurate diver timepiece. Among an ocean (pun intended) of diver watch options available out there today we’ll  present to you this one, the Saint Honore Worldcode diver watch. And it cannot have come out at a better time – this hot season is ideal for thinking about acquiring a watch that would be able to follow you into your water-bound adventures and sports you day-dream about engaging in this scorching hot summer.

This Saint Honore timepiece firstly catches your eye with its sturdy and robust design. It sports a classic round steel case, 43mm in diameter, with large, clear numerals, so it can be easily read underwater. The hour-marker is triangular at 12 o’ clock. All of that makes it handy when you want to know the exact time of the special moment when you saw Nemo and his friends.

The graduated undirectional rotating bezel is available in four color finishes: black for the serious folk, brown for the stylish ones, navy for sailors and pink gold for mermaids. Each bezel color is paired with an exclusive sunburst dial in the same shade.

Another thing that you can choose is the band – it can either be an elegant metal bracelet or a sporty rubber strap. The latter one comes in a variety of colors: navy which you can see in the picture, white, brown and black. Whichever you choose, the manufacturer guarantees comfort and security.

You must be wondering how deep can you go with this timepiece? Unfortunately with water resistance rated at 100 meters this watch falls a little short of the competition. It’s not clear if the claimed 100 meter resistance is based on the proper diver rating or not, but in either case you won’t be taking this puppy to extreme depths. In it’s defense though, it certainly looks the part at least!

Saint Honore has a rich and long tradition of watchmaking and has spread its retail presence in 50 countries. They offer contemporary timepieces of solid design and are backed by  the Swiss Made quality. So, let’s put them to a test and check if this will really “make waves” as they claim.

Are you interested in exploring the great blue depths? Do you wear a diver watch, and if you do, would you try Saint Honore Worldcode? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear your experiences.

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