Suunto Core Series

Moving aside from the world of luxury and elegance, and into the world of sports and endurance – today we’re going to take a look at a very interesting timepiece, one that comes from the Finland-based watch maker: Suunto. The company established itself long ago as one of the leading manufacturers of sport precision instruments for diving, training and outdoor sports. Recently, they expanded their Core family of watches with four new models, and judging by their looks, they seem very promising.

Suunto defines Core as ’an essential outdoor watch’. And you know when something like this comes from a company that is dedicated to outdoor activities, the final product has to be good. Packed with a plethora of technical features, Suunto Core will be your faithful companion in your outdoor activities. Or, if you prefer a more calm way of life, it certainly won’t disappoint you either.

The list of technical features is a long one, and it really caters to all thrill-seeking individuals. Want to go hiking and check the altitude you’re on? No problem, the built-in altitude meter will show you the data, and up to 9000 meters, which is more than necessary, but it’s nice to know Suunto thought about every little detail. There’s even a log recorder which memorizes the different altitudes at different start and stop times, which can be quite useful at times. Next thing is the barometer, and if you’ve ever been hiking, you will definitely appreciate this, as it helps you follow the weather patterns and thus helps you plan your activities better. Furthermore, there’s an automatic altimeter/barometer switch. When you’re climbing, it will favor the altimeter, and record the current altitude you’re at, and when you stop to rest, barometer kicks in and records barometric pressure.

But the list doesn’t end there. Suunto wanted to make sure you don’t get lost out there in the wild, so they made sure to include a compass. It’s a digital one, displaying the cardinal or half-cardinal point and, of course, the North. It even has the function which allows you to correct the difference between the magnetic North and the true North. For the snorkeling enthusiasts, Suunto equipped the Core with a depth meter. What it essentially does is, during your snorkeling dive, it tells you both which depth you are currently at and the maximum depth you have reached during the dive. You can use the device up to 10 meters of depth.

Suunto offers a variety of color choices for their straps

That’s all nice and dandy, but a watch should be about time, not just high tech gizmos, right? Have no fear, because Suunto gives its immaculate attention to detail and craftsmanship not only to outdoor features, but also to the watch itself. It shows timedual timedate , sports chronograph and countdown timer. Included are also predicted sunrise and sunset times for over 400 locations around the world.

From the aesthetic point of view, the Core offers a variety of options for customization. The strap can be detached, and since it’s being offered in a variety of colors, the possibilities for combinations are plentiful. Suunto provided a tutorial on how to change the straps, so you can easily do it yourself. Sport or everyday like – the choice is yours.

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