Ulysse Nardin – Classico Luna for men and women

Tales of the brave Ulysses are well known across the world. Or should I call him Odysseus. King and hero of Ithaca described in Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey and Iliad is one of the most enduring legends for over two thousand years. The famous Swiss watch company with the same name has become legendary in its own way too, but within the world of high end horology instead of  Greek epic poems. Founded in 1846 and reinvented a couple of times since, Ulysse Nardin has cemented its place in the luxury timepiece market. Today we present to you their brand new Ulysse Nardin Classico Luna for men and women.

Mankind has always been fascinated by the revolution of the Sun and moon and their eternal chase across the sky. Yesterday, Ulysse Nardin has released their new collection for men and women “honoring the moon’s majesty”. Designed to look both fashionable and timeless this collection is something worthy of attention. Self winding movement is assembled into a 18K gold (or stainless steel) case and, depending on a model, may be embellished with 60 diamonds (1,2 K). Men version spans 40 millimeters in diameter while the ladies version is 35 millimeters. Dial is decorated with roman numerals and you can choose between silver or black color of the dial. The most interesting detail about this watch is the perfect representation of a moon revolution. Instead of the Earth, Ulysse Nardin‘s moon circles around the center of the dial making one full rotation every 12 hours. And as the real Earth’s satellite turns, so does the little one on your timepiece dial showing one full moon phase circle every 29,5 days. The moon phase disc will, of course, be different every time you look at it, realistically showing changes as the moon waxes or wanes. Dial is protected by an anti reflective sapphire crystal and at the 6 o’clock position features a date display. Sapphire crystal is also on the back side of the watch allowing you to admire the perfection of the Calibre UN-829 movement. Power reserve is approximately 42 hours and the timepiece is 50 meters (5 ATM)  water resistant. You can choose between a leather strap or stainless steel (or 18K rose gold) bracelet with deployment clasp.

Ulysse Nardin Classico Luna for men

The two versions, for men and women, share a number of common feature to be instantly recognizable yet still different enough to be appropriate for their audiences. Classico Luna collection for men looks classy and sophisticated. Both strong and elegant. While collection for ladies looks gentle and feminine and with diamond indices is definitely something every dame would love to see on her wrist.

Ulysse Nardin Classico Luna for ladies

The price of this amazing timepiece varies between $8,500 and $15,400 for the stainless steel case, and between $18,900 and $45,000 for 18K rose gold case. The price is affected by the owner’s choice of case material, bracelet and design. Either way with this collection you cannot miss. No matter what design you choose you can be sure that you will get one of the most sophisticated and finest watches available at this price range.

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